Your menstrual cycle is the key to unlocking your inner-most workings as a woman, so you can access the depths of who you were born to be, cultivating deep wisdom along the way.

For too long, women have been missing this vital piece of who they are, our womb's caught in a cycle of judgment, shame and inconvenience. But...

What if I told you, that your womb was a powerful tool to release yourself from limiting beliefs, programming and perception?

That connecting to your womb allows you to harness your greatest creativity and manifesting potential?

What if you could free yourself from your monthly mood swings and PMS?

YES! Your relationship with your womb can unlock all of this!

A way of being that feels deeply authentic, integrated, embodied and pleasurable AF!


Dancing your Rhythm

Embracing your Feminine cycles

Women's Wisdom

A beautifully curated and detailed 16 page guide to step you onto the path of understanding yourself more intimately.

Rhythm Mapping

Understand how your menstrual cycle unlocks your inner workings, cultivating a deeper connection with the Feminine.

Feminine Archetypes

Learn the qualities of the four major archetypes of the menstrual cycle, so you can identify how these archetypes influence you throughout the month.

Printable Template

Whether you map your rhythm for one month or many, you can print this template time and time again to support you on your journey.

Meet your Guide

Earth Priestess, Feminine Alchemist, Witch!

I am passionate about guiding women to deeply honour and meet all of themselves, so you can own your Magick and express it in the world. I will share with you the path of liberation and the power of Wild Feminine Alchemy, that will allow you to reclaim your divine power and destiny as a woman.

Adept at unearthing the hidden and suppressed magick of being a woman; your magnetism, your sensual connection to life, your healing gifts; my magick will support you to come back to being, in a way that allows you to feel deeply authentic and free.

This intimate relationship with your soulful being is the key to answering the call of your purpose, to be a leader, a change maker, a force to be reckoned with.

When you work with me, you reclaim your birthright as a woman: a life of thriving, that feeds the fire in your heart and soul.

With love Wild One,

Natasha x