Reclaim your wild, magnetic and commanding power by joining the inner circle, a home for spiritual entrepreneurs and healers to step into Wild Feminine Expansion

You know that you are here for something more, you can feel it deep within your bones.

A call from your Soul to a higher purpose and a way of being that will set you apart from the rest.

It is time to step courageously into your power, to heal from the wounds of judgement, shame and not being enough, embodying all that it means to be a woman.

To know yourself to the very core and unearth ALL of your magic, to become the ebb and flow of life itself, expressing with each breath, the unique medicine you were born to give the world.

Wild one I call you, to come dance with me, bare feet on the Earth, mud on your body and fire in your eyes.

Womb Alchemy




You are a wild Priestess with a courageous Divine Feminine heart and the spirits of wise ancients within.

Never let them tame you.


Aisling Cornett

“Womb Witch made me feel radically accepted in a unique way. It was a catalyst for a new stage in my spiritual growth and connection with the Goddess archetypes within me. Natasha is incredibly insightful and compassionate, and she makes sure everyone is taken care of in circle. I love the way women from all over the world came together to hold space in common and help one another. Anyone who wants to uncover her inner secrets in a space of heightened energy should sign up ASAP!”

Linda Ferrari

“I needed help with problems that were really holding me back in business and my personal life. Natasha was able to lock in quickly on what was really going on, and worked with me to break through some long held beliefs from my childhood, to see the real cause of what was playing out in my business. 

Natasha’s compassionate, intuitive approach held me so warmly, and created an instant level of trust which allowed me to completely open up and share, and the result – massive! I was immediately able to adjust my business practices and get greater results within a week. This is powerful coaching!

I would strongly recommend Natasha for any woman who may be feeling stuck, or looking for a way to move forward in life but is not sure where to start.”

Lisa Silva

“Natasha has helped me to confront my limiting beliefs and to shift so many long held traumas, emotions and experiences.  Her sessions are powerful and joyful and have helped me move forward with hope, release and creative expression.  I’m so grateful for her support and guidance.”

Wild Priestess Prosperity

You were born to be a leader in these times. To take a stand for change, as you embrace the Wild, Soul-led Priestess within you.

I’m here to guide you on your path of Sacred devotion, while creating untold abundance in the process.

Womb Witch

Are you ready to walk the path less travelled? 
In order to rise up and ascend in your business, you need to anchor your roots deeper into the Earth. 

Womb Witch is a potent container to guide you along the path of reclamation.

Womb Rhythms e-Course

Your menstrual cycle is a code to unlocking your Wild Feminine. Through the archetypal journey of the womb, develop a deeper connection to who you are, so you can liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and turn up the volume on your manifestation potential.

About Natasha

Walk the path of reclamation with a Mother, Witch, Wild Woman and Leader.

Natasha will share with you the way of rewilding and the power of womb alchemy, that will allow you to reclaim your divine power and destiny as a woman.

She is deeply passionate about guiding you to honour yourself as women, developing safety and stability within your body, so you can be present with your emotions, thoughts and state of being. When you learn to be present within the rich experience of life, you will meet and understand yourself with ease, clarity and grace. This intimate relationship with your soulful being is the key to answering the call of your purpose, to be a healer, a changemaker, a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout your time together, Natasha will activate you, so you may receive the sacred wisdom that rests innately within you. She will help you to confidently deliver your message, with full, unbridled expression, so you can magnetise towards you, your soul clients.

Let her guide you to reconnect with who you are and reclaim your birthright as a woman: taking up space with your fully expressed, wild Feminine, soul.