Sacred Sorceress

Own your Magic, Master your Craft

You know that you are here for something more, you can feel it deep within your bones.

Come dance with me, with wildness in your heart, Soul filling your cauldron

Become a magnetic feminine leader, delivering powerful change and transformations to those who cross your path

Commanding the income and luxurious exchange you desire to receive for your services

Conjure a business that serves you and the collective

You were born to deliver your wisdom, right here, right now

Will you claim it?

Sacred Sorceress will Activate you, so you can…

★ Own your magic by reclaiming your power as a woman

★ Become an authority of your unique wisdom & deliver life-changing transformations

★ Learn how to manage your energy & expand your capacity, so you can grow your business

★ Align yourself to receive the income you truly desire from your services

★ Take what you do and transform it into offerings that allow you to charge what you truly desire to charge.

★ Create depth and sacred devotion within your business, infusing it with Soul.


Join the Membership


The Temple doors are open and waiting for you to step through them.  You can join us at anytime, no contracts or cancellation fees apply.







6 months w BONUS* 

$594 Pay in Full


*Receive a Bonus 1 hour 1:1 call with Natasha when you commit to a 6 month journey.


Each month you’ll Experience…

Cauldron Circle Call

Stir into the cauldron your magic, your power as a woman, the transformations you are here to deliver the world and tap into what you’re wanting to create.  In this Circle call, we light your inner fire and activate your intentions for the month ahead. 

 Sacred Teachings

These teachings are a transmission of the monthly theme and provide a foundation upon which you cultivate your own inner knowing and self-mastery. 

Monthly Mastermind

An opportunity to bring what you’re working on into a coaching and co-creation container, so you can be guided to the aligned action steps and breakthroughs you need, to powerfully transmit your message to the world.

Archetype Activation

Archetypes are a gateway to  understanding and knowing of who you are being invited to be in each moment of ease, challenge and creation.  Explore the full range of who you were born to be as a woman.

Aisling Cornett

“Womb Witch made me feel radically accepted in a unique way. It was a catalyst for a new stage in my spiritual growth and connection with the Goddess archetypes within me. Natasha is incredibly insightful and compassionate, and she makes sure everyone is taken care of in circle. I love the way women from all over the world came together to hold space in common and help one another. Anyone who wants to uncover her inner secrets in a space of heightened energy should sign up ASAP!”

Linda Ferrari

“I needed help with problems that were really holding me back in business and my personal life. Natasha was able to lock in quickly on what was really going on, and worked with me to break through some long held beliefs from my childhood, to see the real cause of what was playing out in my business. 

Natasha’s compassionate, intuitive approach held me so warmly, and created an instant level of trust which allowed me to completely open up and share, and the result – massive! I was immediately able to adjust my business practices and get greater results within a week. This is powerful coaching!

I would strongly recommend Natasha for any woman who may be feeling stuck, or looking for a way to move forward in life but is not sure where to start.”

Lisa Silva

“Natasha has helped me to confront my limiting beliefs and to shift so many long held traumas, emotions and experiences.  Her sessions are powerful and joyful and have helped me move forward with hope, release and creative expression.  I’m so grateful for her support and guidance.”