Wild Feminine Alchemy


Mastering the Spiral Dance | Certification program

Create life-changing transformation for your clients (and build a thriving business!) through the art of Wild Feminine Alchemy.


There are Women awakening who know we must dig DEEPER.


To move beyond single session healings and create transformational programs that can shed the layer after layer of social conditioning and limiting belief systems.

To intimately know the rhythmic essence and movement of a woman’s being, so you can unravel the human tendencies and ancestral wounding that has kept her playing small in life.

This isn’t about doing the work for her or tip-toeing around the surface.  This is about cultivating the skills you need to be able to guide a woman to meet the parts of herself that she didn’t know existed.  So that you can co-create mind blowing results.

To hold exquisite emotional boundaries and centeredness within yourself, so that you can allow your clients to move through their deepest fears and resistance, taking them to on a journey of both shadow and light.

This is your invitation to reclaim a deeper feminine wisdom…

Guiding clients to awaken, heal and deeply embody the sacred woman they were born to be.


If you’re collecting modalities like you collect crystals, chances are you haven’t gone deep into your own innate wisdom.  The kind of wisdom that takes you from cookie-cutter healer to stand out specialist…

If you’re tired of trying to play the marketing game, because it’s draining your energy and sucking away the time you really want to spend working with clients, but you’re not even signing the clients you desire to work with…

If you’re done with feeling like an imposter, when you try to share your message, afraid of judgement and being called out, resulting in your stalling and never truly putting yourself out there…

If you’re over trying to muddle your way through turning your gifts and skills into life-changing programs, that will generate the income you truly desire, because they become highly valued…


Then this invitation is for YOU!


Are you ready to have a transformational business which is

Thriving, Impactful & Deeply immersed in Feminine Wisdom

with clients who return again and again to work with you, sharing with every woman they know, the life-changing impact you’ve had on her life?


Then you MUST become masterful at guiding deeply transformative journeys. 

Mastery of your craft, married with a powerful message is the ULTIMATE business strategy.

Why? Because the self-development industry is saturated & done with ho-hum practitioners.  Women are yearning for depth more than ever (and you are the perfect Sacred Leader to guide them there).

Wild Feminine Alchemy weaves together three distinct pillars, that will guide you into mastering your fullest expression as a woman, medicine keeper and transformation specialist.


It is a training program that will initiate you into the sacred wisdom of woman, developing skills that allow you to breathe, sing and move with the Feminine Mysteries, so you can unearth and activate the hidden potential within yourself, and each woman you work with.


To deeply embody this journey, you will receive wisdom through all of your body’s; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual; while walking the path of self-exploration, so that you may understand and integrate it from within.  Taking what serves and compliments your personal medicine codes and gifts, creating something new, that is unique to you.


Mastery of Self

Write and explore your Herstory, extracting pivotal moments in your evolution to receive the power you were born to embody.


Walk into the wild woods and learn how to hold your centre as you move through the process of shadow walking and descent.


Untangle old stories and beliefs that have kept you playing small and clear them so you can stand tall in all of your brilliance.


Discover the stand you are here to take for women and weave  this soul deep mission into your way of being.



“I AM a revolutionary Woman

Mastery of your Medicine

Master the art of inner journeying, so that you can guide women into unseen realms within themselves.


Develop deep awareness of the wisdom of your womb, attuning yourself to rhythmic flow of the death and rebirth cycle.


Weave together the modalities and gifts you have awakened within you, to create signature processes unique to you. 


Discover the potent message beneath your medicine, so that Women understand exactly why they are choosing you. 



“I AM a keeper of divine wisdom

Mastery of Alchemy

Embody the art of alchemy, through both daily personal practices and becoming a co-leader within our group sessions.


Weave rituals that open all of the gateways to transformation, creating everlasting change for your clients.


Practice the alchemy of business.  Learning how to amplify your message and share it with your soul mate clients.


Alchemise your money stories.  Rewriting old beliefs and becoming magnetic to an abundant income.



“I AM powerful beyond measure

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70 hours of live training where you will access your innate wisdom, master your craft & evolve as a Sacred Leader

Monthly modules with recorded teachings and resources to deepen your experience & support your integration between live trainings.

8 hours of 1:1 private immersion to lay deeply rooted foundations for your business & create your signature program

Full access to the Sacred Sorceress Business Membership & content library for the duration of the program

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Pay in Full

$699.00 / month for 9 months

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Natasha is the embodiment of sensual power. She is a phenomenal coach and facilitator because of the way she is able to listen and tune into her intuition. I have entrusted her as a leader of our community of facilitators and made her a trainer in our organization Sistership Circle because of her depth, integrity, presence, devotion and embodiment. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to hold exquisite sacred and safe space for your journey as an empowered woman.

Tanya Lynn

Sistership Circle

Natasha is a powerful feminine leader. From the moment I met Natasha, I could feel her fierce soul and divine heart which allows you to feel safe and seen in her presence. I immediately feel like a long-lost soul sister. She carries immense wisdom which amplifies in the work that she does and the impact she has with her clients. She deeply cares about other beings and seeing them shine and grow. Natasha is someone you definitely want to learn from.

Devani Freeman

Spiritual Healer & Revolutionary

Womb Witch made me feel radically accepted in a unique way. It was a catalyst for a new stage in my spiritual growth and connection with the Goddess archetypes within me. Natasha is incredibly insightful and compassionate, and she makes sure everyone is taken care of in circle. I love the way women from all over the world came together to hold space in common and help one another. Anyone who wants to uncover her inner secrets in a space of heightened energy should sign up ASAP!

Aisling Cornette

Past Student

Reclaim the powerful, wild feminine that has been locked away within you and unleash her on the world.

Your life is a co-creation.

A spiral dance of your energy with She.

When you’re tapped into your soul and power, while having a visceral, embodied experience of the magic that flows through you… 

…you send up flares to the Universe that say “I’m ready to receive all that’s destined for me.”

The path of Wild Feminine Alchemy allows you to return home to your untamed heart and Soul, so that you can create all that you desire in your business and life… right here on Earth. 

You are a sacred vessel for the Goddess to create through you, so that you can birth a thriving business that deeply transforms the lives of those you serve.

You have full permission to achieve what you desire in life, without struggle or compromising your spiritual and healing gifts.  

You’re here to earn more, reach more clients and honour the life force inside nature and all beings, by honouring your own.

And this is what we will do together in Wild Feminine Alchemy!