Womb Witch


There is an Earthquake inside of you,
waiting to shake loose everything that is not SOUL…

Dear sister, we are living in a powerful
and transformational time of shifting paradigms.

The old ways of living and operating your business through an analytical and patriarchal model of pushing and efforting, are making way for something new…

Something that feels deeply authentic, integrated, embodied and YES, even pleasurable! 

The old narrative was that business and pleasure are not meant to be combined. 

But deep inside you know that you are destined to live and work in a way that integrates all parts of your life and your gifts in a holistic, fulfilling way. 

To do what your heart and Soul are saying and let go of the head-games that are throwing you off course.

Perhaps you…

 Have been stuck in a cycle of marketing and promotion that is sucking the life out of you and your business?

 Are kept awake at night, worrying that the path you have chosen is not the one that will bring you to financial abundance and lifestyle freedom?

 Feel exhausted from trying to find the “right” strategy to fill that feeling that something’s missing?

 Simply don’t know how to step into your power and own what you are here to do?

I’m here to tell you, that it’s not more strategy that your business is asking for, but Soul. That unique essence that flows within you is what your ideal clients are drawn to.

Your mission here is to learn how to marry together and harmonise the way the masculine and feminine come together within your business.  This marriage is the alchemy that your business needs from you.

When you clear out the beliefs, that stop you from trusting that the Feminine within you is going to work with you for your success, it will feel like the final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.

Hiding behind the shadow, kept safe from criticism and judgement are your most powerful gifts, that you were given to create your life and business from.

It’s time for you to reclaim the inherent magic that rests within you as a woman, the magic that has been begging you to claim it, the magic that is the “something missing”.

You have been kept quiet for too long, you have been shamed for too long, you have been made imperfect for too long!  

They were wrong when they told you you had to hustle, and you can feel the way your strategy-led business is wearing you down.  Your body wasn’t made for it and it’s stifling the natural flow of your Feminine being.

Woman, you were not born to be shaped how they desire you, you were born to scorch your mark into the Earth and unleash a soul stirring roar.

Your intensity…

Your too-muchness…

Is your magic.

Is your power.

You deserve a successful and pleasure-driven business, where you create abundance without stress and exhaustion!

Womb Witch will guide you to…

Learn to stand with unshakeable confidence that you are capable of facing any and all challenges that are placed on your path.  You are a force to be reckoned with and you make your own footsteps in the earth, no more moulding yourself to someone else’s strategy.  

★ Free yourself from limiting beliefs and master the art of descent and return.  You know how to face yourself and turn it into gold.  You are no longer at the mercy of the turmoil that would pull you under the waves, instead willingly choosing to dive beneath the surface.

★ Transform your abundance story by connecting to the wisdom that has been within you all along.  Activate your power of receptivity and create an infinite flow of money into your business.  

★ Develop your power as an intuitive and divine channel.  Through the embodiment of your Feminine and psychic gifts, you cast a spell on your audience that draws them towards you.

★ Satisfy your cravings and desires, as you soak up the pleasure that life has to offer you. The pleasure in your business is a reflection of how at home you become in your sensual and sexual power.

★ Step forward with a bold “Here I am!” as you express the fire that lights up your Soul.  It is your birthright to take up space and be seen for the powerful gifts you have to offer this world.


Deep in your depths, there is magic waiting to flow through you, magic that will lend you courage and strength to stand up against the opinions that have ruled over you for too long.  Helping you to create the legacy that you know you are here for, by being brave enough to make it your reality.


I cannot wait to help you create this. 

Early Enrolment for October is now open!

Womb Witch: Pay in full


Womb Witch: Payment plan

$500.00 / month for 3 months

HERE’S WHAT Womb Witch ~ The Descent  INCLUDES

A guided opening ritual, to create your intention for the program, giving you direction, as you choose a different path to those who drain themselves for success.

Two 1:1 coaching calls using my powerful signature processes, that  will unlock the Wild Feminine within you and allow your magnetic energy to draw clients towards you.

Eight 90 minute group calls, combining the power of Women’s Circle with transformative ritual and powerful truth telling.  Be seen, heard and valued.  Everyone needs a cheerleader and an ear to sound to, Sisterhood is medicine for your heart.

The Womb Rhythms video course, to guide you into understanding how to follow your energy, so you can match your business schedule to the needs of your body, mind and Soul.

Powerful activation journeys, aligned with the four phases of your womb cycle, to support you in unearthing the deep wisdom within.  Transforming your shadow into your strengths.

A strong container to create safety and support as you dive deep into the dark and walk the edges of your comfort zone.  You are held and guided throughout the whole process.



Week 1:

Creating safety – the circle and the body 

You are held, you are seen, you are heard, you are valued.  Develop trust in your body and your Circle, knowing you can lean all the way in and we will catch you.  You are not alone.

Week 2:

Lineage – what is yours and what is not

You are the culmination of your experiences, your mother’s experiences, your grandmother’s and beyond.  Put down what is not yours so that you can walk forward with only what belongs to you.

Week 3:

Access your magic – power words and ritual

Before you descend, you must cultivate the tools within you to support you in the murky waters and the grit-filled caves.  Discover what activates your magic and the power that it gifts to you when caught in self-doubt or feeling unworthy.

Week 4:

Descend into the underworld – body prayer and state shifting

When you give up trying to control the shadows and walk willingly towards them, you become a master of the descent and return.  You are no longer lost to your challenges, but become the heroine within them.  Everything we have travelled to this point, will resource you as you meet the shadow.

Week 5:

The Wild – taking off the masks

Woman, you were not made to be tamed and yet the masks you wear do just that.  Let’s awaken the “too-much” woman residing within you.  Claim your birthright to take up space and be here living in your purpose.

Week 6:

Reclaiming pleasure – body intimacy

Life was made to be pleasurable, to be joyful and satisfy your cravings.  It’s time to tap into the sensory experience of your physical body and let it be the vessel that brings more pleasure and joy to everything you are creating.

Week 7:

Reclaiming voice – yoni and truth 

Your yoni never lies, she is either turned on or turned off.  Meet the home of your distinct “Yes” and “No”, in order to tap into your inner truth and so you can share it with clarity and purpose.

Week 8:

Integration – celebrating your wholeness 

Everything is as it needs to be, everything you experience is the perfect path for you to walk.  Realise your wholeness, in celebrating who you are and what you have been given to experience in this life. “I return home to myself”.

Womb Witch is the reclamation of your Wild Feminine Soul and it will expand your energetic capacity to hold your clients in deeply transformative space.


I cannot wait to guide you into the next evolution of your power. 

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Womb Witch: Pay in full


Womb Witch: Payment plan

$500.00 / month for 3 months