Do you deeply long to express your inner wild woman and create a thriving livelihood while sharing your true soul gifts…… without trying to fit yourself into the polished, professional image so many people seem to expect?

Do you want to make an abundant income while expressing the wildest, most authentic, most sacred parts of you in your work? 

Are you ready to step into your inner divine feminine energy and become magnetic to all the things you most deeply desire to create, simply by being yourself?

If so, you’re in the right place. This is the way of the Wild Priestess.

I’m here to help you dig your hands into the mud and call out to the Goddess, knowing that this simple practice is your path to prosperity, without stuffing yourself into a stifling mould, based on other people’s expectations. 

If you’re ready to listen to the call of your soul and follow it with a deep howl of reverence, as you turn yourself into a powerful magnet, to create the life you are destined to live… 


My name is Natasha Daubney, and I am your wild Soul Midwife, leading the way as you step into your abundance birthright, while shedding the limitations that have kept you locked in acting from scarcity and not-enoughness. 

There’s a lie floating around the world… that you must “fit in” to make money, but that way of earning is a thing of the past. 

The spiritual leaders of today know that being yourself is the secret key to untold abundance… and it comes from embracing the path of your Wild Priestess. 

When you stand in your magic, it brings you back to the Earth. It grounds you like an ancient tree, with your roots running deep into the cool, dark soil. You’re strong. 

This magic acts as a beacon, calling spirit’s abundance to you from every corner of the planet. 

It’s time to bridge the material and spiritual worlds while  deepening your connection with the Great Mother and her “signature of creation” that you bear naturally  as a woman…

Your life is a co-creation.

A dance of your energy with She.

When you’re tapped into your soul and power, while having a visceral embodied experience of the magic that flows through you… 

…you send up flares to the Universe that say “I’m ready for what you’ve got for me.”

The way of the Wild Priestess allows you to return home to your heart and Soul, so that you can create all that you desire in your business and life… right here on Earth. 

You are a sacred vessel for the Divine to create through you, so that  your business can expand and grow to help the world.

You have full permission to achieve what you desire in life, without struggle or compromise.  

You’re here to earn more, reach more clients and honour the life force inside nature and all beings, by honouring your own.

Dear sister, the Wild Priestess within you desires to…

★ Create incredible abundance while aligning yourself with your inner compass, and the path of the divine. 

★ Become a co-creative channel with the Goddess, to guide you in your service to the world, so that you feel on purpose and in alignment, with your business as a spiritual practice.

★ Foster an intimate relationship with your womb, understanding the cycle of life, death and rebirth and how it facilitates the growth of you and your business.

★ Attune you to the frequencies of conscious creation, so that you can receive the seeds (ideas) that are ready to be planted and nurture them through gestation.

★ Be the embodiment of your spiritual gifts… walking, living, and breathing them through everything you do, in devotion to the sacredness of leadership.

★ Use your body as a tuning fork, giving you an intuitive edge, as you develop the skill to take your clients deeper within, so they may experience deeper and more profound transformation. 

★ Stand in your Feminine Leadership, a beacon calling forth those who are ready and waiting for the medicine and wisdom that you have cultivated and gathered through your life.  

★ Know who you speak to, who you stand for and why you were tasked with it.


If you resonate with these words, I invite you deeper into this exploration through my Wild Priestess Coaching.

Here’s what’s included in your Journey

A 90-minute opening call to claim your desires and develop your intention for the program. In this call, we work together to lay the foundation for your journey.

one-on-one coaching calls that combine Feminine embodiment practices, ritual and energy-clearing techniques to release your energetic blocks, clear limiting programming and step into your divine power.

Business hours private messaging to support you between our calls for any breakdowns or breakthroughs that arise.

Soul tarot readings delivered throughout your time with me, to tap into the overarching themes and messages you need to guide you forward.

The 6-module Womb Rhythms video course, to guide you in understanding the medicine and wisdom held within your womb, so you can unlock your magic and power, infusing your true nature into all you create in your life and business.

Reclaim the powerful, wild feminine that has been locked away within you and unleash her on the world.

If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to stop hiding your magnificence from the world, and embrace the divine abundance you deserve, stemming simply from the expression of your Wild Priestess energy…